5 Things The Hawks Must Do To Have a Chance Against Wisconsin

1. Be within 10 points at halftime. Wisconsin is a high scoring team, but their defense is questionable. Iowa is a low scoring team with good defense. If Iowa gets behind by more than 10 points, it will be hard to catch up. For cashing in on your loyalty for your favorite club see this comprehensive information portal on soccer (football) betting sites, strategies, tips and more.


2. Pressure the quarterback. The D-line needs to step up. So far this year, few quarterbacks have had much to worry about. If the quarterback doesn’t worry, it opens up a passing game. If the passing game is open, it means that the running game will be even more open. Against Wisconsin, that’s a bad thing.

3. Protect Christensen. The O-line, like the D-line, also needs to play a huge game. I’ve seen improvement game-over-game, but this is the first real test.

4. Wrap up tackles. There were a lot of missed tackles in the Iowa State game. Against Wisconsin and P.J. Hill, missed tackles aren’t an option.

5. Be average on special teams. I’m not suggesting that we need to block kicks or hit 55 yard field goals. We just need to “not be terrible.” Don’t allow any block field goals, make the easy 30 yarders, prevent kick off returns, and maybe get 10-15 yards on our returns.

Amazingly, a lot of this is really just the basics. This Hawk team has some decent players, but it is certainly no loaded like the teams of 2002-2005. That means that mistakes can’t be covered up. Play a solid game and the Hawks have a chance.